From a living room in Byker to a vibrant community in the city centre.

Our church family started in 1985 when a small group of friends started gathering in a living room to pray, study God’s word & worship.

They grew in numbers then merged with another church in the 90’s to form ‘City Church Newcastle’. Today we gather together hundreds of people from right across Tyneside on a Sunday as well as in homes throughout the week. We love being part of bringing God’s kingdom to Tyneside and have enjoyed so much of God’s goodness in each chapter of our story so far.

An amazing building, an amazing story!

Our building began in 1903 as Manors Power Station, housing the offices and turbines that would power the new network of trams across Newcastle and Gateshead. With its four huge turbines and a massive 50 tonne overhead crane, the building on Melbourne Street would have felt very different from the place it is today.

Back in 1994, the newly formed City Church was beginning to explore how it might more effectively serve the City and the wider region and began looking to move from its home in Byker to a city-centre location in order to do this. As the church prayed, we began to sense God’s voice & the Trustees started to research abandoned church buildings, but God had another plan.
Late in 1995 one of the trustees had a dream in which he saw a large building, which he recognised as the Manors Power Station. The building was not for sale, but the Elders decided to approach Stagecoach, who to our surprise responded positively asking ‘how did you know we wanted to sell it?’.

Whilst you can still see the stained glass windows, remains of the turbines and the huge crane, the building has changed massively, but after two major phases of renovation we have a venue which is blessing us tremendously – a place where people are finding meaning and finding faith and where together we can serve the City and respond to God.