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Ian Galloway

The King is Coming – Be Baptised!

by Ian Galloway (13th January 2013)
With the Red Sea in view Ian describes the relation between God’s provision and our obedience. (listen)
Ian Galloway

The King is Coming!

by Ian Galloway (6th January 2013)
Ian draws our attention to growing devotion, energising discipling, launching out to save others, and calls for repentance as a necessary response. (listen)
Ian Galloway

The Final Chapter – Hebrews 13

by Ian Galloway (16th December 2012)
A recap on the 15 month Hebrews series. Everything God promised is accomplished in Christ. (listen)
Simon Lumsdon

Leaders – remember them, imitate their faith, obey and submit.

by Simon Lumsdon (9th December 2012)
Hebrews 13 and the challenge of counter-cultural leadership (listen)
Simon Warren

Marriage and Sex in the City

by Simon Warren (2nd December 2012)
Simon Warren talks about marriage and sex. Marriage is a major vehicle for the gospel to reshape your heart and is primarily about sharing of... (listen)
Andy Bramhall

The blessing from God that will change your life

by Andy Bramhall (25th November 2012)
Andy teaches from Genesis 27 on the power of blessing, failed ways we seek blessing, and how we really get blessing from God. (listen)
Simon Cook

God’s Heart for the Poor

by Simon Cook (18th November 2012)
After an introduction by Andy Bramhall, Si Cook picks up the theme of The Challenge to Love, The Inspiration to Love, and the Way to Love, from... (listen)
Adrian Holloway

The Prodigal Son

by Adrian Holloway (11th November 2012)
The most famous story in the Bible on Remembrance Sunday. (listen)
Ian Galloway

Riches and Responsibility

by Ian Galloway (4th November 2012)
Hebrews 13:5-6, Deuteronomy 30: 1- 10, 31: 1-6, Psalm 118 With great riches come great responsibilities. You can’t have one without the other. (listen)
Adrian Smith

Vision and Relationship

by Adrian Smith (28th October 2012)
Learning from the life of Abraham (listen)