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Starting a City Group

Do you have an idea or a vision for a City Group?

God has been calling us to launch out together as a community on a mission and that means being on the front foot in finding fresh ways to reach out to the people of the city and the surrounding areas. We want to do that by enabling and empowering lots of fruitful and effective mission-centred City Groups.

Maybe you have a real passion or vision for something that we could be doing in the city? Is that something other people could rally behind to reach out in your community, to people at work, friends and family or people with a common interest? Or maybe you are running with a dream of something that could only come to life by working closely with other groups or churches?

The Group Pastors team at City Church serves the church by looking after our City Groups and their leaders. We would love to help you gather people to what God is calling you to do. If you are living with a passion for something that you are longing to see in the city – please don’t hold back. Chat to your City Group Leader or, if you are not currently a member of a City Group any of the Group Pastors Team would be thrilled to hear about whatever you are carrying (see below for contacts).

You’re not likely to have your whole vision mapped out from the start. Sometimes vision is refined and questions answered by simply giving it a go, learning from experience and then adapting in the light of what’s been learned. It would be great to chat through how your idea fits with other church initiatives and what resources would be needed to get it up and running.

After talking it through, writing some of that down in the form of a proposal would be helpful. Would you want to share your vision with the church so we can pray it through at Devoted? Do you want to start by gathering others with a similar heart to pray and seek God? What resources would you need to make a start e.g. funds, gifted people, a venue or other resources? Writing stuff down like that will help you crystalize your ideas.

We have put some questions together to help you do that which you can download here. Before you really get your group started, somebody from the Group Pastors team would want to meet up with you and talk some of those things through in order to resource you as best we can – so please do get in touch.

We hope you find this page helpful in formulating vision or ideas that you have for a new City Group initiative. If you have any questions or would like to chat – we would love that! Please get in touch with one of the Group Pastors below.

With thanks,

The Group Pastors team

Andy Bramhall

Simon and Janice Warren

Dave and Pam Lumsdon

Dave and Bobbie Pearson