The Prayer Course

No-one stares up at the Northern Lights thinking ‘Wow, I’m incredible!’  Like an eagle soaring or a salmon leaping – human beings are hard-wired to wonder, to worship and to pray.  And yet – prayer is something that we all find difficult at times and growing in prayer doesn’t happen automatically.  Even Jesus’s closest friends came to him with the request ‘Lord – teach us to pray.’


Created by Pete Grieg, founder or the 24-7 prayer movement, The Prayer Course is an 8-week journey for anyone wanting to grow in their relationship with God.  

 Set around The Lord’s Prayer’ this course will help you grow in your understanding of : 

  1. The importance of prayer
  2. How to enjoy God’s presence in worship
  3. The power of making requests in prayer
  4. The importance of praying for others
  5. The struggle of unanswered prayer
  6. How times silence can enrich our relationship with God
  7. Practical ways we can hear God’s voice

Start your own 

If you’d like to gather a few friends together to run The Prayer Course then just let us know.  We would love to help you get started. 

Leader Resources

All the videos & Guides you need to run this course with your group!

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Why people love this course

“Outstanding, encouraging and uplifting!  Pete Greig hits prayer right where you need him to. Easily broken down and explained for those new and old to prayer. Highly recommended” Katie, UK

“Amazing and simple encouragement to pray – full of deep treasures and tools” Sarah, UK