Enjoying God, Making Friends & Changing Lives

A Bigger And Better Story

How did I get here? Why am I here? Where am I going?  These are the big fundamental questions about life. What’s our story, what’s it about and where’s it heading?

Beyond our own story is there a bigger and better story that will show us who we are and make us different people? City Church is built on the message that the whole story of our world – and how we fit into it – is most clearly understood through a careful, direct look at the story of Jesus. History is his story.

Understanding the story of Jesus changes everything. We find the meaning of our own lives as we discover the meaning of his.  Who was he, what did he say, what did he do, what happened to him and why?

You can discover the story of Jesus for yourself.

1. Read one or more of the gospels or good news stories written by people who shared their lives with Jesus. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

2. Try Alpha.  A short course that is based on an outstanding series of short films with food, friendly people and the chance to say what you really think.  Have a sneak-peak here.

3. Come on a Sunday and meet some people whose lives are being changed as they build their story around the story of Jesus.

If you would like to try Alpha our next course starts on Weds 18th October at 7.30pm in the CastleGate (our church building).

We would love to know if you are coming so that we can cook for you!  Let us know here or alternatively just turn up!  You can find directions to the CastleGate here.