Enjoying God, Making Friends & Changing Lives


Every year around 50,000 students enroll at universities in Newcastle. We want every Christian student in Newcastle to get stuck into a church community where they can make friends, enjoy God and change the lives of the people they meet whilst at University!
City Students is for anyone studying at Uni or between the ages of 18-23. Whether you’re a fresher, an international student or well into your degree or Masters, we would love you to join us.


We meet in The CastleGate every Sunday at 10:30am to enjoy God together along with the rest of our church family.

Church Searching?

Every year the Christian Unions from Northumbria and Newcastle Universities arrange a way for students to find a church in Newcastle that is for them. More info here:  http://www.northumbriacu.com/       http://www.newcastle-cu.com/
If you visit us at City Church on a Sunday morning we’re having free student lunches every Sunday in October after church in the basement. It’s a great chance to meet other students and find out what City Church is all about – as well as ways that you can get stuck in.

Student Meetings

On Tuesday evenings City Church students meet together on the 3rd floor of the CastleGate at 7pm. This is our chance to get deeper into God’s word, worship Him for all He is, pray for one another, get out into the city for mission together – but also play games and eat cake!
We love having socials together where we get out of the city and exploring the beautiful area surrounding Newcastle like the beach or countryside.
Student Weekend away is a highlight and usually takes place around February/March – Not to be missed!

What’s on?

For the latest info just check out the FB page – https://www.facebook.com/groups/citychurchstudents/
Meet the Student Leaders
The City Church Student Leadership team for 2018/19 are:
Cee Swakamisa, Matt Theobald, Amy Smit, Tom Norrington, Jack Gallagher, Lauren Swakamisa

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/citychurchstudents
Instagram: @citychurchstudents
Email: citychurchstudents@gmail.com