Enjoying God, Making Friends & Changing Lives


Say My Name

  It is Jesus that she is grieving for, Jesus that she is looking for and Jesus that is staring her in the face, but she doesn’t recognise him. When Mary goes to Jesus’ tomb she is deeply grieving.  She had been a very close friend to Jesus... (more)

A Gift from God for This Year

In 2016 my faith turns 16 because I first met Jesus in 2000.  Since that date I’ve got to know him more and more every day.  I believe, as children of God, every person who is in Christ has lots of gifts.  One of which is you can ask from... (more)

Prayer Walking

Many of the Psalms are effectively the prayers of a prayer walker – shared prayers that the whole community could pray (often as sung prayers) en-route on their annual pilgrimages up to Jerusalem. There are 14 psalms that are particularly... (more)

Prayer Journalling

Adrian & Nicky Smith have been key members of our church family for many years and have been important friends to many of us through their City Group’s, hospitality, work with the Farsi community, the pilot course and much more. In... (more)

Sabbath Rest

  I am not good at practising Sabbath. I know what I should do, but doing it is another matter. Any insights I have on this subject come from years of failure and even today I am wrestling with this matter. The times in my life when I have... (more)

Sabbath, Rest, Retreat

God rests. Isn’t that amazing! I don’t think it’s because he gets tired (Ps 121), I think it’s because REST is both virtuous and valuable. The opening chapters of Genesis remind us of this and call us to join in with God and to benefit from his... (more)

Fasting and Lent

Praying can be hard, but I keep persisting. Worship does not always come naturally, yet I know the joy that comes when I break through my reluctance. But when we talk about Fasting, I am ready to show everyone a note from my Mum to say I’m... (more)

Lord, Teach Us To Pray

Lord – teach us to pray! How many of us echo this rather desperate prayer? Jesus – I need help to pray! I like this prayer. One reason is because as soon as I pray, Lord please help us pray, I have started praying! My prayer for help is... (more)

Week of Thankfulness = Week of Joy

“Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you…” 1 Thess 5.16 This term we are wanting to go deeper together as a church community in our relationship with God. It’s something we’re calling “Deepening Spirituality”. And as part... (more)

The Heart Behind Hospitality

Two years ago, when I was newly married and living in our new flat, I knew I wanted to welcome people into our home and to do this I wanted to be the perfect host. To me, this meant a clean and tidy house, no dirty dishes in the sink, the smell... (more)