The Bible Course

The Bible is a big book and it can seem difficult to know where to start.  The Bible Course helps you see how all the books of the Bible are part of one big story.  It shows how the key events, books and characters all fit together. Getting to know that big story better will help you grow in confidence as you read the Bible for yourself.  And it will also help you to better understand the purpose God has for your life as you see your own place in what He is doing through human history.


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If you’d like to gather a few friends together to run The Bible Course then just let us know.  We would love to help you get started. 

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Why people love this course

“A brilliant and accessible way to understand the full Bible story and kick-start your journey with God” Amy, UK

“It really helped me appreciate more of God’s purposes and plans. I’ve read more of the Old Testament this year than for many years. It seems to have come alive and I’ve felt God speaking to me.” Steve, UK