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Millions of people all over the world have done Alpha.  For many of them it has opened a door to living life with a new sense of purpose. Each session looks at a different aspect of the Christian faith.  We watch a short video and then split into groups to chat about the issues raised.  It’s relaxed, informal and a great place to make friends and talk. 

To see what the content is like – watch the trailer or take a look at one of the Alpha Film Series videos.


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If you’d like to gather a few friends together to run the Alpha Film Series then just let us know.  We would love to help you get started. 

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All the videos & Guides you need to run this course with your group!

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Why people love this course

“Doing Alpha was great fun and very liberating.  Anything could be said, nothing was ever judged, and there was a genuine sense that we were all on a journey together.”

“I liked that it was laid back and that my group respected the fact that I needed time to process what I had seen on the video and get my thoughts in order – so they always asked me questions last!  I did feel I could share or ask anything”. City Church Alpha participant

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