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Andy Bramhall

Entering the Presence 3

by Andy Bramhall (15th April 2012)
Andy continues the current series of talks on the Book of Hebrews exploring entering the presence of God. Here he looks at ‘a better... (listen)
Ian Galloway

Entering the Presence 2

by Ian Galloway (1st April 2012)
Continuing the preaching series on ‘Entering the Presence’, Ian talks on ‘a better place’ (7.26-8.6). (listen)
Duncan Podbury

Baptism Sunday

by Duncan Podbury (4th March 2012)
Duncan’s talk explains the meaning of baptism and what the process represents. (listen)
Ian Galloway

Vision Sunday

by Ian Galloway (26th February 2012)
This talk by Ian explains the church vision for the future and how God has been speaking to the church through scripture and prophetic words. (listen)