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Edward Morrow

by Edward Morrow (9th June 2013)
Due to technical issues, this week’s preach has not been recorded. Apologies. (listen)
Andy Bramhall

Jesus – the Anchor for Our Souls

by Andy Bramhall (2nd June 2013)
David Lyall

Enemy loving

by David Lyall (12th May 2013)
“God loves evildoers” means there is hope for you and me, there is hope for my loved ones, however far from God they may be and there is... (listen)
Edward Morrow

God’s writing within

by Edward Morrow (5th May 2013)
Fulfilling the law and our response. (listen)
Edward Morrow

The faith of Abraham

by Edward Morrow (28th April 2013)
The faith of Abraham (Romans 4.17-25) (listen)
Ian Galloway


by Ian Galloway (21st April 2013)
We apologise that some of the recording is missing at the beginning of this talk due to technical issues. (listen)
Andy Bramhall

A city on a hill

by Andy Bramhall (14th April 2013)
1. A tale of two cities.   2. A city in a city.  3. The beauty of the final city. (listen)
Ian Galloway

What is prayer?

by Ian Galloway (7th April 2013)
Receiving and enjoying, asking, thanking. (listen)
Simon Warren

One among none

by Simon Warren (31st March 2013)
Who Jesus is,  what he came to do, how to connect to him (listen)