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Pilot Course

Going on in our faith is not just a matter of revisiting familiar themes again. We need to push out into deeper water to extend ourselves and connect to God at a deeper level.

Asking questions, reflecting in a structured way and engaging with difficult issues and less familiar traditions can enrich and strengthen our understanding and appreciation of our faith in Christ. These are all elements of the Pilot Course which has been designed to help us continue and deepen our relationship with and response to Jesus.

The Pilot Course is a home grown City Church initiative that has been running over the last 6 years; many people have taken part, exploring the great traditions of Christianity, stages  of faith, motivational Gifts, mentoring and God’s Big Picture (based on Tom Wright’s book “Surprised by Hope”)

The Pilot Course runs on similar lines to Alpha, with a meal, short presentation then group discussion. Meeting in members homes the course is open to people from outside the church, involves  12 sessions over about 8 months and includes a weekend prayer retreat in rural Northumberland. The Pilot Course runs twice a year.

“I didn’t know why I needed to do the pilot course but it took me on the most profound faith journey I have ever been on”

“I found it very helpful to see how questioning and doubt are often part of growing in our relationship with God.”

To find out more or register your interest contact the church office.