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And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

It’s been one year since I first stood before the church asking if anyone wanted to join me in reaching the community of Shieldfield. Since then I have seen people gather, I have prayed, I have moved there and I have seen walls come... (more)

What is the Bible About?

A significant part of my 20+ years as a Christian has been about trying to find an answer to that question. During that time I’ve found no better summary than the one given by Tim Keller during a conference on preaching. Someone has... (more)

When Prayer is Hard

  Most of us find that we’ll go through seasons when prayer is (and feels!) hard. It happens for all sorts of reasons. Over the years I’ve found that changes in circumstances (a new baby, a new job or even the Christmas break!) can disrupt... (more)

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the new City Church Blog! There have been so many exciting things that the Comms Team have been doing recently. The changes to the Family News and the stunning work that is the Newsletter are just two of the more obvious things... (more)